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-suddenly- ในภาษาไทย

ตัวอย่างประโยค จาก Meemodel ตัวอย่างประโยคภาษาอังกฤษ
Why are you suddenly changing the subject?ทำไมถึงได้เปลี่ยนเรื่องกระทันหันล่ะ
ตัวอย่างประโยค จาก Open Subtitles
Moonlight can play odd tricks upon the fancy, and suddenly it seemed to me that light came from the windows.เเสงจันทร์อาจทําให้เกิดภาพลวงตา ทําให้ฉันเห็นว่ามีเเสงไฟ ลอดออกมาจากหน้าต่าง
She was telling me something When you suddenly showed up.หล่อนกำลังจะบอกบางอย่างกับฉัน แล้วจู่ๆเธอก็โผล่มา.
I do not know. Suddenly everything living began to turn to stone.กระผมไม่ทราบขอรับ กว่าจะรู้ตัว สิ่งมีชีวิตทุกอย่างก็กลายเป็นหินไปหมดแล้ว
# Suddenly Papa #ทันใดนั้น พ่อก็เจอกับ
You come from the streets and suddenly you're up here.คุณมาจากข้างถนน ได้ขึ้นมาอยู่บนนี้
What do you think would happen if I suddenly came out with a new book?นายคิดว่าจะเกิดอะไรขึ้น ถ้าจู่ๆ ฉันพิมพ์หนังสือใหม่ออกมา
I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne.อยู่ๆ พ่อก็นึกถึงชาลลีแมง... ขึ้นมาได้
A patient in your care suddenly runs amok beats his girlfriend to death with a brick.คนไข้ในความดูแลของคุณ อยู่ๆก็อาละวาด... ...ตบตีแฟนของเขาจนตาย ด้วยก้อนอิฐ
She groaned, her breath catching as he suddenly yanked her hair like a rider pulling on a horse 's mane.เธอร้องคราง ลมหายใจของเธอเสียงดัง... ...และทันใดนั้นเขาก็ดึงผมเธอ เหมือนยามที่นักขี่ม้าดึงบังเหียน
I couldn't see a foot in front of me. Then suddenly boom! It explodes.พูดตามตรงเลย มันไม่เหมือนกับว่าเราไม่รู้ สถานการณ์ของดูวุค
I ran up the gangplank to get away from him... and then I suddenly felt bad about it.ฉันวิ่งขึ้นสะพานลงเรือ เพื่อให้ได้ออกไปจากเขา ... แล้วอยู่ ๆ ผมก็ รู้สึกไม่ดีเกี่ยวกับเรื่องนี้
Oh, isn't it nice to be suddenly so highly regarded!Agent Mulder ฉัน... . Dana Scully ฉันได้รับมอบหมายให้มาทำงานกับคุณ

-suddenly- ในภาษาจีน

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
窜红[cuàn hóng, ㄘㄨㄢˋ ㄏㄨㄥˊ, 窜红 / 竄紅] to become suddenly popular; suddenly all the rage
暴涨[bào zhǎng, ㄅㄠˋ ㄓㄤˇ, 暴涨 / 暴漲] rise suddenly and sharply
豁然开朗[huò rán kāi lǎng, ㄏㄨㄛˋ ㄖㄢˊ ㄎㄞ ㄌㄤˇ, 豁然开朗 / 豁然開朗] suddenly see the light; be suddenly enlightened; open and clear; suddenly become extensive

-suddenly- ในภาษาญี่ปุ่น

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
カッと(P);かっと[, katsu to (P); katto] (adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) flaring up; burning hotly; suddenly becoming bright; (2) (on-mim) flying into a rage; losing one's cool; (3) (on-mim) opening suddenly and widely (e.g. eyes, mouth); (4) (on-mim) (arch) acting resolutely; (P)
がらっと[, garatto] (adv) (1) (on-mim) to burst open; to open suddenly (of a door); (2) to change completely; to do a 180
からっと;カラッと[, karatto ; karatsu to] (adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) changing suddenly and completely; (2) crisp and dry (e.g. skies, weather, tempura, laundry, etc.)
からり[, karari] (adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) clatter (noise made by hard objects coming in contact, e.g. a door flinging open); (2) (on-mim) bright and clear (e.g. sky); (3) (on-mim) nicely dry (e.g. laundry); crisp (e.g. tempura); (4) (on-mim) cheerful and open-hearted; (5) (on-mim) changing suddenly and completely; (6) (on-mim) completely forgetting something; (P)
こっくり;こくり[, kokkuri ; kokuri] (n,vs,adv-to) (1) nodding; dozing off; (adv,adv-to) (2) (See ぽっくり) suddenly
ごぼっ[, gobotsu] (adv-to) gurgling down; being sucked into; caving in suddenly
ころっと[, korotto] (adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of something small rolling once (often into a hole); (2) disappointing; (3) complete reversal of a situation; (4) curling up into the fetal position; going to sleep suddenly
さあっと[, saatto] (n) (1) (See さっと) relatively quickly (esp. actions); (2) quite suddenly (esp. wind, rain, etc.)
つんでれ;ツンデレ[, tsundere ; tsundere] (adj-f,n) (1) (See つんつん,でれでれ) being on the surface sharp and sarcastic (tsuntsun) but underneath lovestruck and fawning (deredere); characteristic of a gap between acted out actions and feelings in mind; (2) normally being sharp but at some prompt suddenly becoming lovestruck; hot-cold personality type
どこからともなく[, dokokaratomonaku] (exp) suddenly (appears) out of nowhere
どこへともなく[, dokohetomonaku] (exp) suddenly disappears somewhere
どっと[, dotto] (adv) (on-mim) suddenly
ばったり;ばったん[, battari ; battan] (adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with a clash; with a thud; with a bang; with a flop; plump; (2) (on-mim) unexpectedly (meeting someone); (3) (on-mim) suddenly (ending); abruptly (coming to a halt)
ぴたっと[, pitatto] (adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) tightly; closely; (2) (on-mim) exactly; precisely; (3) (on-mim) suddenly (stopping)
ぴたり[, pitari] (adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) tightly; closely; (2) (on-mim) exactly; precisely; (3) (on-mim) suddenly (stopping)
ぴったり[, pittari] (adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) tightly; closely; (2) (on-mim) exactly; precisely; (3) (on-mim) suddenly (stopping); (adv,adv-to,vs,adj-na) (4) (on-mim) perfectly (suited); ideally; (P)
ぷいと[, puito] (adv) (on-mim) acting rudely and suddenly
ふっつり;ぷっつり;ぶっつり;ふつり[, futtsuri ; puttsuri ; buttsuri ; futsuri] (adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) breaking off; snapping off; (2) (ふっつり, ぷっつり, ふつり only) (on-mim) suddenly stopping
ぷつん[, putsun] (n,adv-to) snap (sound of something being suddenly and irreversibly broken)
ブレイク(P);ブレーク(P)[, bureiku (P); bure-ku (P)] (n) (1) break (e.g. holiday, rest-period); (2) break (e.g. ordering two boxers apart); (3) break (to win or score well against an opponent's serve); (4) brake; (n,vs) (5) suddenly becoming popular (from break); (P)
ぽっくり[, pokkuri] (adv) suddenly (e.g. sudden death)
ポッと;ぽっと[, potsu to ; potto] (adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) slightly (blushing); (2) (on-mim) suddenly (getting bright, flaring up, flashing on, etc.); (3) (on-mim) distractedly
むかっと[, mukatto] (adv,vs) feeling angry (or nauseated, etc.) suddenly
わっと[, watto] (adv) (on-mim) suddenly and in a loud voice (e.g. sobbing)
俄盲[にわかめくら, niwakamekura] (n) (1) (sens) sudden blindness; (2) one suddenly blinded
君子豹変[くんしひょうへん, kunshihyouhen] (n) (1) the wise readily adapt themselves to changed circumstances; the wise are quick to acknowledge their mistakes and correct them; (2) (in colloquial usage, ironically or as an excuse) the wise make no scruple in suddenly changing their demeanor
尻を捲る;尻をまくる[しりをまくる;けつをまくる, shiriwomakuru ; ketsuwomakuru] (exp,v5r) to abandon a humble attitude and get on one's high horse; suddenly to assume an antagonistic attitude
思い当たる(P);思いあたる;思い当る[おもいあたる, omoiataru] (v5r,vi) to suddenly understand (esp. on basis of experience or memory); to come to mind; to recall (in a flash); to be reminded of; to call to mind; to think of; to strike on; to hit on an answer; to seize the crux of a problem; (P)
急転悪化[きゅうてんあっか, kyuuten'akka] (n,vs) suddenly turning for the worse; sudden deterioration
急転直下[きゅうてんちょっか, kyuutenchokka] (n,vs) suddenly and precipitately; take a sudden turn
誠(P);実[まこと, makoto] (adv,n) (1) truth; reality; (2) sincerity; honesty; integrity; fidelity; (3) (arch) that's right (used when recalling forgotten information, suddenly changing the subject, etc.); (P)
豁然大悟[かつぜんたいご, katsuzentaigo] (n,vs) suddenly seeing the light; achieving full enlightenment all of a sudden

-suddenly- ในภาษาฝรั่งเศส

Thai-English-French: Volubilis Dictionary 20.1
เฉลียว[v.] (chalīo) EN: realize suddenly ; have an intuition ; be perceptive ; discern ; be shrewd FR: avoir une intuition ; réaliser soudainement ; se rendre compte
ฉับ ; ฉับ ๆ = ฉับๆ[adv.] (chap ; chap) EN: abruptly ; suddenly ; expeditiously ; immediately ; promptly ; speedily ; quickly ; rapidly FR: soudainement ; abruptement
ฉับพลัน[adv.] (chapphlan) EN: at once ; abruptly ; all of a sudden ; promptly ; suddenly ; immediately FR: sur le champ ; instantanément ; soudainement ; subitement ; brusquement ; à l'instant
เฉียบพลัน[adv.] (chīepphlan) EN: suddenly ; forcefully ; unexpectedly ; abruptly FR:
ชั่วพริบตา[adv.] (chūa phrip ) EN: in a wink ; in an instant ; in the wink of an eye ; suddenly FR: en un clin d'oeil
ฉุกคิด [v. exp.] (chukkhit) EN: realize suddenly ; dawn on FR:
ดับวูบ[v. exp.] (dap wūp) EN: go out suddenly FR: disparaître soudainement
โดยฉับพลัน[adv.] (dōi chapphl) EN: suddenly FR:
โดยกะทันหัน[adv.] (dōi kathanh) EN: suddenly FR:
โดยทันที[adv.] (dōi thanthī) EN: immediately ; directly ; promptly ; instantly ; suddenly ; abruptly FR: aussitôt ; immédiatement ; à l'instant même
หัก[v.] (hak) EN: turn suddenly FR: tourner soudainement
ฮวบ[adv.] (hūap) EN: drastically ; rapidly ; suddenly ; swiftly ; disastrousely ; fast ; right down FR: rapidement
ฮวบฮาบ[adv.] (hūap-hāp) EN: drastically ; rapidly ; suddenly ; swiftly ; all of a sudden FR:
โจมจู่[v.] (jōmjū) EN: attack suddenly FR:
จู่[v.] (jū) EN: take by surprise ; move in suddenly FR: surprendre
จู่โจม[v.] (jūjōm) EN: attack suddenly ; burst into ; intrude ; assault ; make a sudden and violent attack FR: attaquer
จู่ ๆ = จู่ๆ[adv.] (jū-jū) EN: suddenly ; abruptly ; all of a sudden FR: soudainement ; brusquement
จู่ ๆ ก็มา[v. exp.] (jū-jū kø mā) EN: come suddenly ; come all of a sudden FR: arriver soudainement ; se produire soudainement
กะกึก[adv.] (kakeuk) EN: suddenly ; abruptly FR:
กะทันหัน[adv.] (kathanhan) EN: suddenly ; abruptly ; unexpectedly ; immediately ; hurriedly ; in haste FR: soudainement ; inopinément ; immédiatement ; à la hâte
กึก[adv.] (keuk) EN: suddenly ; abruptly ; precipitately ; headlong ; impetuously FR: soudain ; soudainement
ขวับ[adv.] (khwap) EN: instantly ; quickly ; fast ; in a flash ; suddenly FR: soudainement
ขวับเขวียว[adv.] (khwapkhwīo) EN: instantly ; quickly ; fast ; in a flash ; suddenly FR: soudainement
กระบัด[adv.] (krabat) EN: suddenly ; instantly FR:
ปัจจุบันทันด่วน[adv.] (patjuban th) EN: suddenly FR: brusquement ; soudainement ; à l'improviste
เผ่นพรวด[v. exp.] (phen phrūat) EN: leap suddenly ; jump ; flee ; spring ; bound ; clear out at top speed FR:
ผึง[adv.] (pheung) EN: suddenly FR:
ผีตายโหง[n. exp.] (phī tāihōng) EN: ghost of one who has died violently or suddenly FR: esprit de celui qui décède de mort violente ou soudaine [m]
พลัน[X] (phlan) EN: swiftly ; rapidly ; instantly ; immediately ; suddenly ; abruptly ; urgently ; right away ; promptly ; unexpectedly ; at once FR: immédiatement ; instantanément ; rapidement ; aussitôt ; à l'instant ; promptement ; lestement ; rondement ; sans délai ; séance tenante ; tout de suite ; sur le champ ; soudainement
พลิกฝ่ามือ[adv.] (phlik fāmeū) EN: with the flip of the hand ; suddenly FR:
ผลีผลาม[adv.] (phlīphlām) EN: hastily ; rashly ; hurriedly ; suddenly ; abruptly FR: hâtivement
ผล็อย[adv.] (phlǿi) EN: suddenly ; abruptly ; quickly FR: soudainement
ผลุง[adv.] (phlung) EN: suddenly ; abruptly FR: soudainement
พรึบ[adv.] (phreup) EN: suddenly ; quickly ; swiftly FR:
พรึบพรับ[adv.] (phreup phra) EN: suddenly FR:
พรวด[adv.] (phrūat) EN: suddenly ; abruptly ; all of sudden ; unexpectedly FR: précipitamment
พรวดพราด[adv.] (phrūatphrāt) EN: suddenly ; abruptly ; quickly ; hastily ; precipitately FR:
ปุ๋ย[adv.] (pui) EN: suddenly ; soundly ; deeply FR: subitement ; bruyamment
ปุบ[adv.] (pup) EN: in a flash ; instantaneously ; suddenly FR: instantanément
ปุ๊บ[adv.] (pup) EN: suddenly ; promptly ; instantly ; immediately ; rapidly ; abruptly FR:

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